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Message from the Principal

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July 31, 2020

Message from the Principal

College Park Families,


As you have likely heard, the NHCS Board of Education voted Tuesday to begin the 2020-2021 school year in Plan C (100% Remote Learning) for the first nine-weeks of the school year. We realize what a disappointment and challenge this is for our students and families and want to assure you of our continued commitment to providing high quality, rigorous, and standards based remote instruction to our students.


Under Plan C, no students will be in the school facilities. All students will participate in Remote Learning.


Please know that although we are opening under Plan C, we are continuing the important work of preparing for Plan B. We will continue to work toward Plan B implementation as we will be ultimately transitioning to that schedule at some point in the school year.


Although all students will not be receiving instruction within the school building under plan C, there are still two options for families. The two options are the Virtual Academy and Remote Learning. Below I have outlined each of the options based on the information the district has provided.


When making your school option choice for this fall, you should make the decision based on what you want your child to do once we return to Plan B. This will impact your Plan C instructional delivery.


Option 1: Remote Learning


Remote Learning: The Remote Learning Option will be transitioned to Plan B, when appropriate, with Face-to-Face instruction as a portion of the learning schedule. (This was originally approved as a 1 week Face-to-Face and 2 weeks Remote Learning).

Students will maintain enrollment in our school. They will be assigned a teacher, from our school, who will provide teacher-created lessons, opportunities for practice, and opportunities for application - all using our school adopted standards-based curriculum and resources.


When school opens, under Plan C, your child will receive instruction from his teacher just as he would during the two remote weeks under Plan B.


The remote learning (under Plan C and the two weeks under Plan B) would involve synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. The learning management system that will be used would be SeeSaw for grades K-2, and Google Classroom grades 3-5.

Your student will be part of a class at College Park. You may have only one teacher assigned to you, or you may have more than one teacher working with you during remote learning times. Families will still be afforded the greatest amount of flexibility possible relating to assignment due dates. All synchronous lessons for the entire class will be posted for student review or viewing at those times convenient for families.


Important: You do not need to complete anything further if this is your preferred method of instruction.


Option 2: Virtual Academy


Virtual Academy: The NHCS Virtual Academy is a fully online K-12 school-based option that allows a student to maintain membership at his/her face-to-face school. The majority of the learning is self-paced with few live synchronous sessions. Access is provided to the EdGenuity Curriculum Program. EdGenuity is a learning standards-based curriculum program with aligned North Carolina standards. Students are taught by a NHCS teacher that will likely be a teacher from their school. New Hanover Virtual Academy will operate with primarily asynchronous (pre-recorded and self-paced) learning. When engaged in asynchronous learning your child will be moving through the course content on their own. This allows more flexibility for your child to explore the lesson, complete assignments, and develop questions for the teacher. While students have the daily flexibility to work anytime and anywhere, the classes follow a calendar with firm start and end dates and students are strongly encouraged to login and participate daily. Students are provided pacing guides and calendars to assist as they work through their courses. There is a nine week commitment for the Elementary Virtual Academy. If you need additional information about the Virtual Academy is on our NHCS website.


OWLs, when school opens, all students will be on Plan C, which will look different for students based on whether they applied for and were accepted in the Virtual Academy.


If you would like to change your survey response or rescind your Virtual Academy application, please contact our data manager, Tina Miller at 910-350-2058 ext. 71504.


We will be updating supply lists on our website and sending out our meet the teacher event schedule and protocols, and device checkout soon.


Owl family, on behalf of the College Park staff we miss you and hope to see you soon in our building! Please continue to be safe and stay well. I love You and You can't Do anything about it!

College Park Elementary School

College Park Elementary School


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